Warrior Wonder Woman - From Concept to Completion

I’ve finally polished off my costume construction notes for Warrior Wonder Woman! Above is a taste of some of the process involved, including my collaboration with the talented Tess Fowler on the character concept. 

Click photos for captions, or read all of my notes here! :D | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | DeviantArt

Since I reblogged the original cosplay pictures, I thought people might be interested in the “making of” post too. :)

This is literally the best thing ever, I am SO amazed



this tumblr entry is about the other side of cosplaying :)

Because we were nothing without Photographers, we have this year to tries to advance us in this point. At the LBM 2014 back in March we make some picture from our lovely friends Beast and Heartless they are Twins, too :3

Photographer: Tine and Julia (TooN-Twins)

Cosplayer: Beast and Heartless (XTreme Twins)

It would be great when you check out theirs Facebook Page and gives them some likes ^^ —> XTreme Twins Cosplay

~ :)


can you please reblogg this entry from TooN-Twins about theirs Friends Cosplays, that were great *-*

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